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Everything started in the year 2002 in Shanghai. We both had moved to China at some point of our lives for work reasons.

Being friends we were always brainstorming around the idea of starting our own brand:

What if we made silk robes inspired by the divas in the movies from the 60´s? Why not rescuing the culture of being well dressed at home?¨ we wondered.

Living in Shanghai we were surrounded by tailors and fabric markets so we came up with a name for our imaginary brand that sounded fun and unique and started working on some prototypes.

By that time the Art Fashion Fair DAFF was being organised along the Huang Pu river and a friend of ours offered to share a booth. We did not finish the robes on time but we made a few silk and cotton unisex shirts just to give it a try using some funky fabrics we foundstrolling around on our electric scooters.

What happened next was truly unexpected! We sold out all the shirts and went back home with a notebook full of orders! We thought we were onto something that had potential, a mono product brand focused on beautiful printed shirts for men and women. Few weeks later and having presented our business idea to few friends and potential investors based in France, Brasil and Miami, we got the funds we needed and we set up the company.

As the demand grew we took the next step, Clara being a graphic designer we started producing our own prints so they would be truly unique and decided to move back to our homeland, Spain, as we were commissioned a fabulous project that would take our prints beyond shirts.

The hotel Casa Bonay in Barcelona which since has become one of the city´s hotspots hired us and in collaboration with a New York based interior design Studio Tack. We designed several prints for different common spaces and rooms and developed our first wallpapers and upholstery fabrics. We also opened a little store inside the hotel where the guests could buy shirts as we dressed all the staff with rather good looking ones and people seemed very interested in buying them 🙂

Since then, we decided to give our prints every opportunity which crossed our path, we started working on different projects for restaurants, bars, hotels, wineries around the world and also created a complete catalogue of original prints that everybody could order for their private homes.

8 years later we can proudly say that you can find our designs around the world: Europe, USA, and of course China.

Today we keep on evolving and growing, trying to make the wisest and responsable choices regarding production, distribution and the projects we want to be involved in. Our motto is ¨keep things moving¨

We minimise our product stocks and we use every bit of material we print to créate anything that crosses our minds 🙂

Batabasta has become an opportunity for us to expand our creativity and make things the way we think are right for our environment within our community.

With your support we will keep on working on beautiful projects with meaning and purpose.


Thank you!

Clara & Leti

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Interior Designer in London

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Product designer in London

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DJ in Shanghai

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Brand Manager in Barcelona

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Chef in Thailand

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Model in New York

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Stylist in Barcelona


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