[ September 2014 ]

LOLA club is a Shanghai´s institution when it comes to electronic music, we spent more nights there than we recall! A lot of our friends are resident djs at Lola and they started wearing their baTabasTa shirts for their gigs. The club commissioned us an original pattern for their staff uniforms and we started collaborating with them in photoshoots with djs as Teasy and Tarumba Brothers.

LOLA es el club referencia de Shanghai en cuanto a música electrónica se refiere. Hemos pasado más noches en Lola que en nuestras propias casas chinas! Sus djs residentes Teasy, Miki, Charp, Tom Cher o Tarumba Brothers fueron de los primeros en vestir nuestras camisas así que diseñar unos estampados para los uniformes del local surgió de manera natural!